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  • Published: Dec 31, 2010
  • Channels: Separations Science Digest / Sample Preparation
thumbnail image: Year of Education in Separation Science: Tutorials<br />Tutorial Competition Winners

Year of Education in Separation Science

The Year of Education is a joint initiative between separationsNOW and Chromedia.
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Tutorial Competition 2010
Initiative partnered by PITTCON 2011

"So far this year we have provided free webinars & videos...
now it is your turn to share knowledge"

The judges have made their decision!

separationsNOW and Chromedia launched this competition to facilitate and encourage the creation and sharing of educational material from within our combined communities of readers.

We had an enthusiastic response, including many excellent tutorials.

We are pleased to announce the three winners...

  • Bronze Award: Dr Jeff Hughes, RMIT University, Melbourne
  • Silver Award: Oona McPolin, Mourne Training Services
  • Gold Award: Wan Raihana Wan Aasim, Universiti Sains Malaysia

You can view the three winning tutorials below.

Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to the 3 winners, particularly Wan Rahina who wins the iPad for her excellent tutorial! 

Free on-demand short (14 minute) webinar

Dr James Weeks, website editor of separationsNOW, and Dr Frank van Geel, founder of Chromedia, participated in a free on-demand webinar with Professor Harold McNair.

In this webinar, Professor McNair reviews the success of the Year of Education in Separation Science, and presents the Gold Award to Wan Rahina.

We would also like to extend our thanks to the judging panel, which comprised members of the Chromedia editorial board:

The winning tutorials...

Gold Award:
Wan Raihana Wan Aasim, Universiti Sains Malaysia

Gold Award
Simplifying sample preparation optimization using factorial design

Wan Raihana Wan AasimWan Raihana Wan Aasim is currently pursuing a PhD in Pharmacology at the School of Medical Sciences of the Universiti Sains Malaysia in Malaysia.

Her research focuses on stereoselectivity of human cytochrome P450 enzymes in the metabolism of MDMA, which is a drug of abuse.

She prepared this PowerPoint for the members of her lab, to teach the other staff and students there to learn how to apply experimental design principles to their laboratory work.
Silver Award:
Oona McPolin, Mourne Training Services

A brief guide to HPLC instruments

Oona McPolinOona McPolin graduated in 1993 from Queen's University of Belfast, Northern Ireland BSc (Hons) Chemistry, and obtained her MSc degree in Applied Environmental Sciences in 1994.

She currently is the owner of Mourne Training Services and work as a part-time lecturer. She has written two books: "An Introduction to HPLC for Pharmaceutical Analysis" and "Validation of Analytical Methods for Pharmaceutical Analysis".

The tutorial was prepared for the students in a class she was teaching as part of her work as a part time lecturer as an easily accessible resource which explained the practical components of a HPLC system.
Bronze Award:
Dr Jeff Hughes, RMIT University, Melbourne

Bronze Award

What shape is your method in?

Jeff HighesJeff Hughes is Senior Lecturer at the School of Applied Science, RMIT University Qualifications and has supervised many final year undergraduate, master student and PhD projects.

These include several projects on environmental topics, chemometric treatment of data from an urban landfill site, applications of chemometrics in chromatographic separation of complex mixtures and urban air pollution and many honours projects on environmental, inorganic and chemometric topics.


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