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False protein biomarkers: Sample handling biases in proteomic studies

Date: Nov 7, 2019

Author: Steve Down

Plasma proteome profiling has been used to create biomarker panels of sample quality that will help to minimise bias resulting from sample collection and processing by identifying rogue proteins from other blood components such as erythrocytes.

Read More thumbnail image: False protein biomarkers Sample handling biases in proteomic studies

Journal Highlight: Enrichments of post‐translational modifications in proteomic studies

Date: Oct 30, 2019

Author: separationsNOW

The state of the art of the platforms used to enrich the specific and most common post‐translational modifications, such as glycosylation and glycation, phosphorylation, sulfation, redox modifications, methylation, acetylation and ubiquitinylation, have been reviewed.

Read More thumbnail image: Journal Highlight Enrichments of posttranslational modifications in proteomic studies

Colorectal cancer: Serum biomarker panel

Date: Oct 22, 2019

Author: Steve Down

A panel of five serum proteins has been proposed by US scientists for the detection of colorectal cancer, with a further four proteins distinguishing regional from localised cancers.

Read More thumbnail image: Colorectal cancer Serum biomarker panel

FFPE tissue for biomarkers: High-throughput proteomics workflow

Date: Oct 2, 2019

Author: Steve Down

A novel high-throughput workflow for the proteomic analysis of FFPE tissue held in biobanks involving pressure cycling technology and mass spectrometry displayed advantages over fresh frozen tissue and uncovered a novel biomarker for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.

Read More thumbnail image: FFPE tissue for biomarkers High-throughput proteomics workflow

Journal Highlight: Challenges and advances in the fabrication of monolithic bioseparation materials and their applications in proteomics research

Date: Oct 2, 2019

Author: separationsNOW

Recent progress on the fabrication of various monolithic materials is reviewed, emphasising their role for separating biomolecules and covering applications in the digestion, enrichment and separation of phosphopeptides and glycopeptides from biological samples.

Read More thumbnail image: Journal Highlight Challenges and advances in the fabrication of monolithic bioseparation materials and their applications in proteomics research

Short peptides: Underivatised peptidomics procedure

Date: Sep 18, 2019

Author: Steve Down

A peptidomics method for identifying small hydrophilic and hydrophobic peptides in urine has been developed by European scientists who used a tailored enrichment technique followed by mass spectrometric analysis.

Read More thumbnail image: Short peptides Underivatised peptidomics procedure

Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: New circulatory biomarkers

Date: Sep 4, 2019

Author: Steve Down

Several plasma biomarkers of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis have been identified and validated by a combination of mass spectrometry methods, which will help to characterise the disease and could lead to better ways of diagnosis.

Read More thumbnail image: Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis New circulatory biomarkers

Journal Highlight: Strong anion exchange‐mediated phosphoproteomics reveals extensive human non‐canonical phosphorylation

Date: Sep 3, 2019

Author: separationsNOW

An unbiased phosphopeptide enrichment strategy based on strong anion exchange chromatography (UPAX) has been devised for identification of His, Arg, Lys, Asp, Glu and Cys phosphorylation sites on human proteins by mass spectrometry‐based phosphoproteomics.

Read More thumbnail image: Journal Highlight Strong anion exchangemediated phosphoproteomics reveals extensive human noncanonical phosphorylation

Alzheimer's disease symptoms reversed: Therapeutic targeting of overexpressed circadian clock protein

Date: Aug 14, 2019

Author: Steve Down

Therapeutic targeting of casein kinase 1δ and 1ε, which are circadian clock regulators and overexpressed in the brains of Alzheimer's disease brains, reduced their levels in the mouse model to restore normal circadian rhythm and recover memory deficits.

Read More thumbnail image: Alzheimers disease symptoms reversed Therapeutic targeting of overexpressed circadian clock protein

Epsilon toxin: Biomarkers of human infection

Date: Aug 2, 2019

Author: Steve Down

Several protein biomarkers have been proposed for the potential biowarfare agent epsilon toxin after murine experiments, providing potential diagnostic and therapeutic targets for appropriate clinical intervention..

Read More thumbnail image: Epsilon toxin Biomarkers of human infection
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