21st International Conference on Advances in New Technologies and their Impact on Microbial Research

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  • Date: Jun 20 - Jun 21, 2018
  • Channels: Detectors / Base Peak
  • Type: Conference
  • Location: Middlesex University, London, United Kingdom

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21st International Conference an Advances in New Technologies and their Impact an Microbial Research

The application of whole and deep genome sequencing has created the blue print of microbial structure, evolution and response to their environment. It is the accumulation of genome sequences of thousands of species and multiple strains and clones of each organism that are now propelling both the tools and need to translate the genomic code and potential into actual and measured microbial activities and behaviour as they colonise and spread into new niches both in man and nature.

The last five years have combined the automation and increased resolution of mass spectrometry with AI and big data technologies leading to the capacity to measure traces of protein and peptide signals while accurately quantifying the expressed metabolome and proteome of microbial cells. This combined approach has dramatically shifted the focus of translational research in life and clinical sciences towards accurate measurement of microbial products and resistance factors from depending on predictive genetics to detecting cellular function. This is now apparent in measurement of cancer markers, response to drugs and radiotherapy and monitoring antibiotic and antiviral therapy.

In this year’s 21 conference of our “International Series of Advances in Technology and their Impact on Microbial Research”, we will focus on the maturity of these technologies and application potential to unravelling microbial diversity and the dynamics of microbial proteome and metabolome from diverse environments as they interact with man and animals.

Presentations will cover the breadth and range of research in these areas from concepts to applications presented primarily by young researchers across London universities and colleges, industry and the Society for Chemical Industry and the SCI (www.soci.org).

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