Teamplayers – GC-2010 Plus with Chromeleon™ software

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  • Published: Aug 23, 2012
  • Categories: Gas Chromatography
thumbnail image: Teamplayers – GC-2010 Plus with Chromeleon™ software

GC-2010 Plus with Chromeleon™ software

Easy operation, efficient analysis as well as excellent precision and accuracy of results are main features of the GC-2010 Plus gas chromatograph. Combined with the AOC-20i auto sampler, the GC becomes a powerful tool in improving the analytical productivity of a laboratory. The GC-2010 Plus can handle two analytical lines almost independently - like two instruments in one GC. Just the GC oven is shared by the columns used for each analytical line.

Figure 1

Figure 1. GC-2010 Plus with AOC-20i Dual Tower.

With the AOC-20i Dual Tower configuration (Fig. 1), the operator can freely choose the analytical line to be used for sequence analysis. The line can of course be switched within the sequences. The GC-2010 Plus can therefore be used for multiple applications by setting different chromatographic specifications on each line.

The GC as well as its diagnostic functions and system checks can be controlled completely by the software. Since all of these functions even work remotely, ‘Dual Line GC’ becomes a very interesting tool in combination with Client Server CDS systems. An operator can choose the analytical line for measuring samples at any time and start a run from the office PC.

With a new driver, the GC-2010 Plus is now also implemented in the Chromeleon 6™ software. The 6.80 version with Service Release 11d fully controls the GC-2010 Plus including all injectors and detectors as well as most accessories. Chromeleon supports all configurations of the GC, including two analytical lines with AOC-20i Dual Tower (Fig. 2). The instrument’s flexibility of application can now be combined with one of the most flexible CDS software packages.

Figure 2

Figure 2. GC-2010 Plus fully controlled by Chromeleon.

Chromeleon 6™ is one of the leading “Multi-Vendor” client server CDS systems controlling over 300 different instruments for gas- and liquid chromatography. Strengths of the software lie in the use of universal control scripts (Fig. 3). The same commands and parameters are used for operation of gas chromatographs from different suppliers, simplifying the user’s task while ensuring portability of methods between similar instruments.

Figure 3

Figure 3. A detailed Setup Wizard creates a universal control script (program file) in Chromeleon.

Powerful data mining tools within Chromeleon give easy and instant access to all the data and delivers answers within seconds - just by drilling down from sequences to samples and further to detailed sample information such as chromatogram, qualitative and quantitative results, acquisition program or review of any instrument parameter in the audit trail (Fig. 4).

Figure 4

Figure 4. Easy data mining with Chromeleon.

The AOC-5000 Plus (Fig. 5) is also controlled by Chromeleon 6. The robotic system is a highly sophisticated auto sampler implementing, besides liquid injection, many injection techniques such as Headspace (HS), Solid Phase Micro Extraction (SPME) and In-Tube Extraction (ITEX).

Figure 5

Figure 5. GC-2010 Plus with AOC-5000 Plus.

The strong team of the high-precision GC-2010 Plus and the Chromeleon 6 software combines extended productivity, data quality and lab efficiency with easy, fast, accurate and dynamic evaluation of results.

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