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Leak Detection of Biopharmaceutical Processes- How to Avoid Costly Contamination

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  • Published: Feb 22, 2019
  • Author: spectroscopyNOW
  • Categories: Detectors
thumbnail image: <font color=red>Webinar<br/>Now available on-demand<br/></font>Leak Detection of Biopharmaceutical Processes- How to Avoid Costly Contamination

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Leak Detection of Biopharmaceutical Processes -- How to Avoid Costly Contamination


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The biotech and pharmaceutical industries rely on pressure decay and bubble test methods for finding leaks in their bioreactor and fermenter vessels. Commonly, leaks are not discovered, resulting in bacteria infiltration of the vessel during a multi-week production run, ruining product that can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Agilent PHD-4 offers a unique solution in that it is portable, sensitive, cost effective, and very suitable for the leak rate specification for these applications. In this webinar, production process and quality managers, engineers and technicians will learn how to easily avoid very costly contamination and lost production batches.

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Karl Burgess

John McLaren

Leak Detection Marketing Manager, Agilent Technologies

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