Strategies to avoid the hidden dangers of suboptimal sample preparation and simplify your workflow simultaneously

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  • Date: Oct 16, 2018 - 15:00 - 16:00 (local time)
  • Categories: Sample Preparation
thumbnail image: Strategies to avoid the hidden dangers of suboptimal sample preparation and simplify your workflow simultaneously

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Strategies to avoid the hidden dangers of suboptimal sample preparation and simplify your workflow simultaneously

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A typical laboratory workflow comprises of sample collection, sample preparation, introduction to the instrument, analysis, data review, and finally, data reporting, where sample preparation has always been considered the bottleneck and rate-limiting step. Current advanced instrumentation greatly increase your capability to analyze various samples, considering the required sensitivity, selectivity, reliability, and feasibility of complex sample testing. Therefore, the sample preparation step has been minimized to reduce time, cost, and complexity, improve the universal applicability, and it has been reduced to be just good enough.

There are several hidden dangers in sub-optimal sample preparation, such as wasted time, instrument maintenance/failure issues, and inaccurate data, that can arise and affect your overall success. These hidden dangers can be eliminated or greatly minimized by proper sample preparation workflow strategies. This improvement can be realized without having to retrain your scientist, making large capital expenditures, or having to rewrite your standard operating procedures (SOPs). The following Webinar will discuss how various samples with high lipid content are prepared with a simplified sample prep workflow utilizing Captiva EMR-Lipid.

Participants will learn:

  • How to minimize the hidden dangers of sub-optimal sample preparation
  • A simplified workflow for complex samples with high lipid content
  • An understanding of the key applications where Captiva EMR—Lipid can maximize results and boost productivity

Who should attend:

  • Lab Managers of contract, government, or QA/QC labs
  • Analytical chemists who develop methods for biological or food samples
  • Graduate students and post-docs working on environmental, pharmaceutical, forensic, or food analyses


Your Presenters:

Golnar Javadi

Technical Support Applications Engineer

Agilent Technologies

Golnar Javadi: Biography

Golnar Javadi is a Technical Support Applications Engineer specializing in Sample Preparation and Liquid Chromatography. She has a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering with 20 years of experience in the field of analytical chemistry. Prior to her current role, she taught college level chemistry courses for 5 years and worked in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries where she obtained firsthand experience with analytical method development and sample preparation techniques.

Golnar then joined Varian as a technical support specialist, providing customers with method development assistance and technical support on sample preparation (SPE, SLE, and Filtration), HPLC, GC, ToxiLab, and DAT. After the Varian-Agilent merger, Golnar joined Agilent Technologies as an Applications Engineer providing technical and applications support on Sample Preparation products, Liquid Chromatography columns, and Spectroscopy supplies.

Alex Ucci

Technical Support Applications Engineer

Agilent Technologies

Alex Ucci: Biography

Alex Ucci is Technical Support Applications Engineer at Agilent. In his current position at Agilent, Alex provides application assistance and technical support for sample preparation products and LC consumables. Before he joined Agilent in 2014, Alex was a graduate student at the Pennsylvania State University researching the morphology and surface properties of aerosol particles using a wide variety of analytical techniques. He has an MS degree in chemistry.

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