Teledyne ISCO launches new flash chromatography systems

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  • Published: Aug 7, 2018
  • Source: Teledyne ISCO
  • Suppliers: Teledyne Leeman Labs
  • Channels: Sample Preparation / HPLC

Teledyne ISCO, a business unit of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated, has announced the worldwide release of its newest flash chromatography product line, the CombiFlash NextGen.

"Teledyne ISCO’s new CombiFlash NextGen Flash Chromatography Systems are versatile enough for both discovery and development-scale purifications with options to meet a variety of workloads, detection and automation needs,” said Vicki Benne, Teledyne ISCO's vice president and general manager.

“By listening to user feedback, we are offering compelling new features in the CombiFlash NextGen,” said Ron Lewis, Teledyne ISCO’s product line manager. “For example, the products have been designed to require minimal bench space and were designed to provide greener operation via shortening the default methods and thus conserving solvent. This improvement speeds up the purification process without sacrificing performance. Most importantly, our technology ensures the separation is successful the first time.”

With three different CombiFlash NextGen models to choose from, labs can select features that meet their purification requirements, work flow and available budget. The CombiFlash NextGen 100 is a basic system designed for users with minimal budgets. The CombiFlash NextGen 300 is customizable to meet the specific user purification and work flow needs of any lab. The top-of-the-line CombiFlash NextGen 300+ model has all the built-in features that labs need. The NextGen 300+ uses RFID technology, which comes as standard, and automatically reads the size and type of Teledyne ISCO’s RediSep or RediSep Gold columns being used for the purification.

The CombiFlash NextGen models utilize PeakTrak, the intuitive software package that drives Teledyne ISCO's popular product line, while an integrated 12-inch or 15-inch touch screen interface allows users to access the system controls directly at the unit. This flash chromatography system supports flow rates from 1 to 300 mL/min and operation pressures up to 300 psi depending on the model.

All models of the CombiFlash NextGen can be fitted with an Evaporative Light Scattering Detector at the time of purchase and are compatible with Teledyne ISCO’s PurIon Mass Spectrometer.


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