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Principles of Ion Exchange Chromatography

Date: Feb 12, 2013

Ion exchange chromatography is one of the most frequently used techniques for purification of biomolecules and separates the molecules according to differences in their net surface charge. This video describes the principles of the technique.

thumbnail image: Principles of Ion Exchange Chromatography

Principal Component Analysis 1 Introduction (2/2)

Date: Feb 11, 2013

Professor Rasmus Bro explains why PCA is useful in Chemometrics and exploratory analysis in general.

thumbnail image: Principal Component Analysis 1 Introduction 22

Understanding cancer through proteomics

Date: Feb 2, 2013

Danny Hills makes a case for the next frontier of cancer research: proteomics, the study of proteins in the body.

thumbnail image: Understanding cancer through proteomics

Introduction to Mass Spectrometry

Date: Jan 24, 2013

A good basic grounding in mass spec from

thumbnail image: Introduction to Mass Spectrometry

UltraPerformance Convergence Chromatography: Waters ACQUITY UPC2

Date: Mar 15, 2012

UltraPerformance Convergence Chromatography™ (UPC2™) is a new category of separations science...

thumbnail image: UltraPerformance Convergence Chromatography Waters ACQUITY UPC2

Dispelling the Myths About Pharma R&D

Date: May 6, 2011

Dr. John L. LaMattina talks about his book Drug Truths and the myths about pharma R&D.

thumbnail image: Dispelling the Myths About Pharma RD
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