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Hepatitis C treatment: Antiviral response prediction

Date: Sep 17, 2018

Author: Steve Down

A combined proteomics and pharmacogenomics approach to the treatment of hepatitis C with direct acting antiviral therapies has identified three peptides derived from human corticosteroid binding globulin that can predict the response to treatment.

Read More thumbnail image: Hepatitis C treatment Antiviral response prediction

Journal Highlight: A perspective view of top‐down proteomics in snake venom research

Date: Sep 3, 2018

Author: separationsNOW

The advantages of intact protein measurements with top‐down mass spectrometric strategies compared with bottom-up procedures for identifying snake venom proteoforms and localizing their modifications and sequence variations have been discussed.

Read More thumbnail image: Journal Highlight A perspective view of topdown proteomics in snake venom research

Music therapy: Proteome implications

Date: Sep 1, 2018

Author: Steve Down

A proteomics study of the effects of musical stimulation on spatial learning and memory in rats has implicated a pair of proteins that could provide a basis for studying clinical applications of music therapy in humans.

Read More thumbnail image: Music therapy Proteome implications

Ageing proteins: Plasma biomarkers in healthy people

Date: Aug 15, 2018

Author: Steve Down

Around 220 proteins have been linked to age in a proteomics study of healthy people of all ages, which could be used to predict morbidity and death as well as offer ways to slow the progression of aging.

Read More thumbnail image: Ageing proteins Plasma biomarkers in healthy people

Fatigue in multiple sclerosis: Protein biomarkers

Date: Aug 1, 2018

Author: Steve Down

Several biomarkers of fatigue in patients with multiple sclerosis have been identified in a proteomics study, pointing to a disturbance of central nervous system plasticity as a key factor.

Read More thumbnail image: Fatigue in multiple sclerosis Protein biomarkers

Journal Highlight: Proteomics in veterinary medicine and animal science: Neglected scientific opportunities with immediate impact

Date: Jul 30, 2018

Author: separationsNOW

This Viewpoint highlights some comparative proteomics studies addressing important issues in animal science and veterinary medicine and encourages readers to expand their horizons of domestic animal proteomics research.

Read More thumbnail image: Journal Highlight Proteomics in veterinary medicine and animal science Neglected scientific opportunities with immediate impact

Sputum proteome: Optimising label-free mapping

Date: Jul 15, 2018

Author: Steve Down

The healthy human sputum proteome has been derived in an international project, assessing the sources of variability and revealing a core set of 284 proteins that will be useful for studying patients with inflammatory respiratory diseases.

Read More thumbnail image: Sputum proteome Optimising label-free mapping

Journal Highlight: Membrane proteome of invasive retinoblastoma: Differential proteins and biomarkers

Date: Jul 2, 2018

Author: separationsNOW

The first comprehensive quantitative membrane proteomic atlas of the differentially regulated proteins in retinoblastoma compared to the retina has identified potential biomarkers for this childhood cancer.

Read More thumbnail image: Journal Highlight Membrane proteome of invasive retinoblastoma Differential proteins and biomarkers

Graphene oxide nanomaterials: Toxicity mechanisms

Date: Jul 1, 2018

Author: Steve Down

Typical environmental levels of graphene oxide nanoparticles modify the abundances of nearly 250 proteins in zebrafish larvae, tested as a model aquatic species, and bring about malformations and increased mortality, a new proteomics study has revealed.

Read More thumbnail image: Graphene oxide nanomaterials Toxicity mechanisms

Asthma control: Protein biomarkers

Date: Jun 15, 2018

Author: Steve Down

A proteomics study has identified a link between the levels of proteins in the serum and sputum of asthmatics for whom the disease is poorly controlled, providing early indications when further clinical intervention is needed to give a better outcome.

Read More thumbnail image: Asthma control Protein biomarkers
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