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Quality Assurance in Analytical Chemistry: Applications in Environmental, Food and Materials Analysis, Biotechnology, and Medical Engineering, 2nd Edition

Date: Oct 31, 2006

Author: Werner Funk, Vera Dammann, Gerhild Donnevert, Sarah Iannelli, Eric Iannelli

This best-selling title both in German and English is now enhanced by a new chapter on the important topical subject of measurement uncertainty, plus a CD-ROM with interactive examples in the form of Excel-spreadsheets. These allow readers to gain an even better comprehension of the statistical procedures for quality assurance while also incorporating their own data. Following an introduction, the text goes on to elucidate the 4-phase model of analytical quality assurance: establishing a new analytical...

Read More thumbnail image: Quality Assurance in Analytical Chemistry Applications in Environmental Food and Materials Analysis Biotechnology and Medical Engineering 2nd Edition

Introduction to Computational Chemistry, 2nd Edition

Date: Oct 20, 2006

Author: Frank Jensen

Introduction to Computational Chemistry Second Edition provides a comprehensive account of the fundamental principles underlying different methods, ranging from classical to the sophisticated. Although comprehensive in its coverage, this textbook focuses on calculating molecular structures and (relative) energies and less on molecular properties or dynamical aspects. No prior knowledge of concepts specific to computational chemistry are assumed, but the reader will need some understanding of introductory...

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Encyclopedia of Genetics, Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics

Date: Sep 26, 2005

Author: Michael J. Dunn, Lynn B. Jorde, Peter F. R. Little, Shankar Subramaniam

Available in print and online, this unique reference brings together all four fields of genetics, genomics, proteomics, and bioinformatics to meet your dynamic research requirements. It brings together the latest concepts in these vibrant areas and ensures a truly multidisciplinary approach. Topics include genetic variation and evolution, epigenetics, the human genome, expression profiling, proteome families, structural proteomics, gene finding/gene structure, protein function and annotation, and...

Read More thumbnail image: Encyclopedia of Genetics Genomics Proteomics and Bioinformatics

Handbook of Genome Research: Genomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics, Bioinformatics, Ethical and Legal Issues, Two Volume Set

Date: Jun 10, 2005

Author: Christoph W. Sensen

In this unique presentation of a revolutionary field of science, the first section introduces the domains of application for genomics and bioinformatics, such as sequencing and the comparative sequence analysis of model organisms, investigating genetically influenced diseases, the development of new active substances, agri-food and environmental genomics. There then follows an overview of current topics central to DNA technologies, proteomics, metabolomics and bioinformatics, including such hot topics as...

Read More thumbnail image: Handbook of Genome Research Genomics Proteomics Metabolomics Bioinformatics Ethical and Legal Issues Two Volume Set

Green Separation Processes: Fundamentals and Applications

Date: Jun 10, 2005

Author: Carlos A. M. Afonso, João Pedro G. Crespo, Paul T. Anastas

This timely book is the first to provide a comprehensive overview of all important aspects of this modern technology with the focus on the "green aspect". The expert authors present everything from reactions without solvents to nanostructures for separation methods, from combinatorial chemistry on solid phase to dendrimers. The result is a ready reference packed full of valuable facts on the latest developments in the field - high-quality information otherwise widely spread throughout articles and...

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Intelligent Bioinformatics: The Application of Artificial Intelligence Techniques to Bioinformatics Problems

Date: Apr 22, 2005

Author: Edward Keedwell, Ajit Narayanan

Bioinformatics is contributing to some of the most important advances in medicine and biology. At the forefront of this exciting new subject are techniques known as artificial intelligence which are inspired by the way in which nature solves the problems it faces. This book provides a unique insight into the complex problems of bioinformatics and the innovative solutions which make up ‘intelligent bioinformatics’. Intelligent Bioinformatics requires only rudimentary knowledge...

Read More thumbnail image: Intelligent Bioinformatics The Application of Artificial Intelligence Techniques to Bioinformatics Problems

Data Analysis and Visualization in Genomics and Proteomics

Date: Mar 24, 2005

Author: Francisco Azuaje, Joaquin Dopazo

Data Analysis and Visualization in Genomics and Proteomics is the first book addressing integrative data analysis and visualization in this field. It addresses important techniques for the interpretation of data originating from multiple sources, encoded in different formats or protocols, and processed by multiple systems. One of the first systematic overviews of the problem of biological data integration using computational approaches This book provides scientists and students with the basis for...

Read More thumbnail image: Data Analysis and Visualization in Genomics and Proteomics

Additives in Polymers: Industrial Analysis and Applications

Date: Feb 4, 2005

Author: Jan C. J. Bart

This industrially relevant resource covers all established and emerging analytical methods for the deformulation of polymeric materials, with emphasis on the non-polymeric components. Each technique is evaluated on its technical and industrial merits. Emphasis is on understanding (principles and characteristics) and industrial applicability. Extensively illustrated throughout with over 200 figures, 400 tables, and 3,000 references.

Read More thumbnail image: Additives in Polymers Industrial Analysis and Applications

Chromatography: Concepts and Contrasts, 2nd Edition

Date: Dec 21, 2004

Author: James M. Miller

The first edition of Chromatography: Concepts and Contrasts, published in 1988, was one of the first books to discuss all the different types of chromatography under one cover. The second edition continues with these principles but has been updated to include new chapters on sampling and sample preparation, capillary electrophoresis and capillary electrochromatography (CEC), chromatography with mass spec detection, and industrial and governmental practices in regulated industries. Covers extraction, solid...

Read More thumbnail image: Chromatography Concepts and Contrasts 2nd Edition

Bioinformatics and Molecular Evolution

Date: Dec 15, 2004

Author: Paul G. Higgs, Teresa K. Attwood

In the current era of complete genome sequencing, Bioinformatics and Molecular Evolution provides an up-to-date and comprehensive introduction to bioinformatics in the context of evolutionary biology.This accessible text:provides a thorough examination of sequence analysis, biological databases, pattern recognition, and applications to genomics, microarrays, and proteomicsemphasizes the theoretical and statistical methods used in bioinformatics programs in a way that is accessible to biological science...

Read More thumbnail image: Bioinformatics and Molecular Evolution
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