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Chemical Separations: Principles, Techniques and Experiments

Date: Nov 3, 1999

Author: Clifton E. Meloan

Performing effective chemical separations-a step-by-step guide to the most commonly used techniques. How do experienced analysts go about making a chemical separation work? Through precise, detailed coverage of the principles, equipment, and techniques involved, this combination laboratory manual and reference source gives readers a working knowledge of an impressive array of separation methods. In forty-two chapters, it explores all major categories of separation, including those involving phase changes,...

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Microcharacterization of Proteins, 2nd Edition

Date: Mar 10, 1999

Author: Roland Kellner, Friedrich Lottspeich, Helmut E. Meyer

Proteomics - the analysis of the whole set of proteins and their functions in a cell - is based on the revolutionary developments which have been achieved in protein analysis during the last years. The number of finished genome projects is growing and in parallel there is a dramatically increasing need to identify the products of revealed genes. Acting on a micro level modern protein chemistry increases our understanding of biological events by elucidating the relevant structure-function relationships....

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Distillation: Principles and Practices

Date: Sep 29, 1998

Author: Johann G. Stichlmair, James R. Fair

A completely thorough and up-to-date guide to modern distillation methods and their applications Distillation has been used for separating liquid mixtures for more than two thousand years, and it continues to be the most widely used separation technique in key industries throughout the industrialized world. Although the basic principles have remained the same since the days of the ancient Egyptians, new distillation and distillation control methods continue to be developed to satisfy a variety of highly...

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Liquid-Liquid Extraction Equipment

Date: Oct 21, 1994

Author: J. C. Godfrey, M. J. Slater

In recent years the use of liquid—liquid extraction equipment has attracted widespread interest from all major chemical engineering, petroleum and pharmaceutical companies as well as university-based scientists and engineers. Liquid—Liquid Extraction Equipment presents : a critical analysis of all available information, including practical recommendations new ideas on performance enhancement and equipment selection an up-to-date review of research results on equipment...

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Fractionation by Packed-Column SFE and SFC: Principles and Applications

Date: Mar 7, 1994

Author: M. Saito, Y. Yamauchi, T. Okuyama

'Fractionation by Packed-Column SFC and SFE' provides the reader with technical guidance on how to use existing HPLC and GC instruments as SFC/SFE systems. The book introduces the basic principles, instrumentation, sample preparation, and applications of SFC and SFE for using and building such instruments. The equipment necessary for converting HPLC instruments into SFC and SFE systems is explained, illustrated, and tabulated. Readers will find many practical examples that will facilitate an understanding...

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Practice of Thin Layer Chromatography, 3rd Edition

Date: Aug 18, 1992

Author: Joseph C. Touchstone

This Third Edition provides all the basic applications needed to practice thin layer chromatography (TLC). New material includes: the latest techniques on sample preparation and zone detection, the hybridization of TLC with high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) as it's been developing in the last few years, emphasis on numerous applications of HPTLC involving pharmaceuticals and drugs, plus the fundamental studies of mechanisms, theories and the optimization of TLC.

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Polymers for Gas Separation

Date: Mar 30, 1992

Author: Naoki Toshima

'Polymers for Gas Separation' discusses the importance of polymers in gas separation and the latest developments in the field. The introduction explains the need for gas separation and general methods for gas separations. Section two examines membrane separation, the most widely investigated method, including the theory of membrane permeation and the two kinds of new-type membranes from the viewpoint of aggregation state-gas permeation property relationship and design of polymer membrane. Section three...

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Unified Separation Science

Date: Jan 24, 1991

Author: J. Calvin Giddings

Unifies the complex welter of techniques used for chemical separations by clearly formulating the concepts that are common to them. The mass transport phenomena underlying all separation processes are developed in a simple physical-mathematical form. The limitations and optimum performance of alternative separation techniques and the factors enhancing and limiting separation power can thus be described and explored. Generously illustrated and contains numerous exercises. Long awaited in the scientific...

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Planar Chromatography in the Life Sciences

Date: Mar 29, 1990

Author: Joseph C. Touchstone

Planar Chromatography in the Life Sciences Edited by Joseph C. Touchstone This assemblage of studies from international researchers in planar, or thin layer, chromatography describes the many advances that have placed the technique so much in the vanguard of materials analysis research. Chapters describe currents in planar chromatography; use of bonded phases in planar chromatography; immunostaining in TLC; TLC in pharmaceutical research; determination of ascorbic acid by TLC-densitometry; isotope scanning...

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Techniques and Applications of Thin Layer Chromatography

Date: Mar 27, 1985

Author: Joseph C. Touchstone, Joseph Sherma

Proceedings of the Third Biennial Symposium on Thin Layer Chromatography, in which international experts explore the latest developments, techniques, and applications of the subject. They describe newer techniques, including methods for high performance and reversed phase TLC. The general advance of the methods is exemplified in the descriptions of the applications and the presentation of theoretical aspects of the techniques. And for the first time ever, there is participation from investigators in...

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