New Cannabanoid Application Note

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  • Published: Oct 24, 2017
  • Source: Fortis Technologies
  • Channels: HPLC

October 9, 2017. Cheshire, UK.

Fortis Technologies has recently added a new application note to its portfolio highlighting the separation of 13 cannabanoids in a fast sub 5 minute run time. Using a SpeedCore C18 column and a simple mobile phase system the separation achieves the goals of fast run time, high efficiency, high resolution LC method. Specificity of the peaks allows for high qualitative results to be achieved.

Due to the legalisation of Cannabanoids for medicinal use and even recreational use in some states, many laboratories are looking for a fast, reliable and cost effective solution to analyse the various metabolites produced in the growth of the cannabis plants.

Core shell LC columns are particularly suited to this analysis as it is simple, precise, fast and selective, meaning that accurate results can be obtained in minutes rather than hours. High sensitivity is also another improvement that SpeedCore C18 tends to offer over traditional HPLC particles, meaning lower LOD and lower LOQ’s can be achieved.

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