The Inert Flow Path - Your Analyte's Journey from Injection to Detection

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  • Date: Jun 5, 2013 - 09:00 - 10:00 (local time)
  • Presenter: Johan Kuipers
  • Categories: Gas Chromatography / Base Peak
thumbnail image: The Inert Flow Path - Your Analyte's Journey from Injection to Detection

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Latest webinar from Agilent Technologies

The Inert Flow Path – Your Analyte's Journey
from Injection to Detection

Broadcast on June 5, 2013
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Key Learning Points:

  • Inertness, what does it mean for your GC analysis
  • Tips to optimize inertness
  • The impact of Inert Flow Path components on analytical results

GC analyses in all application fields has been pushed towards lower detection limits over the last number of years. With new, stricter regulations for consumer product and food safety, a tight monitoring of environmental contamination, laboratories simply cannot afford a loss of sample integrity caused by GC flow path activity.

Agilent has developed a range of specialty deactivation chemistries for the key parts in the GC flow path especially for labs that need to perform trace level analysis on very active compounds.

These Inert Flow Path solutions ensure more reliability of GC system inertness with improved sensitivity, accuracy, and reproducibility for difficult, often labile compounds.

The analyses can now be done with more confidence because each lot of Agilent Inert Flow Path components are qualified using chromatographic QC tests to provide reliable, consistent inertness that spans the entire flow path from injection to detection.

This seminar discusses in detail some applications and how Agilent’s Inert Pathway can add to improved reliability of the data generated by your GC instrumentation.

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Your Presenter

Johan Kuipers

Johan Kuipers

Specialist Training & Development
Agilent Technologies

Johan Kuipers: Biography

Johan Kuipers Is a GC specialist who has been involved in the development and marketing of capillary columns and dedicated analyzers for the petrochemical and environmental market.

In his current role as a trainer, he is responsible for developing sales orientated and technical chromatography learning for application engineers, field sales organizations, and Agilent’s distribution channels.


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