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The Gas Chromatography channel covers all techniques used for the separation of gases, in addition to the supercritical phase.

This includes multidimensional techniques (e.g. GCxGC) and hyphenated techniques (e.g. GC-MS).

Gas Chromatography

Monthly Highlight

Last Month's Most Accessed Feature: Cancer-causing cola compounds caught by GC-MS/MS

2-Methylimidazole and 4-methylimidazole, compounds found in cola drinks and dark beers, are suspected to be possible carcinogens on the basis of animal studies. Scientists from Woosuk University in South Korea have developed an improved method for methylimidazole analysis using derivatisation followed by GC-MS/MS.

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Analysis of Environmental Contaminants in Water Using an Agilent 6470 LC/TQ Instrument

The analytical demands for detecting organic contaminants in water at low ng/L level have pushed the development of new methodologies using LC/TQ instrumentation. In this regard, and in the last few years, advances in sensitivity and selectivity have made this challenge possible. This webinar will focus on the use of the new 6470 LC-MS-MS from Agilent Technologies for the sub ng/L level detection of several pharmaceuticals and pesticides in surface waters. Examples of optimization of several source...

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Advertorial Feature

JMS Special Feature Collections

thumbnail image: <font size=3>JMS Special Feature Collections</font>

For over 20 years, each issue of the Journal of Mass Spectrometry has contained a Special Feature article. These are highly regarded in the mass spectrometry community and extremely popular with researchers around the globe. These features are freely available to the entire mass spec community.

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Plastic packaging pongs profiled by 2D GC

Ryan De Vooght-Johnson

Jun 15, 2017

thumbnail image: Plastic packaging pongs profiled by 2D GC

Ideally, waste plastic packaging should be able to be recycled to make food packaging, but the presence of unpleasant odours means that this is rarely attempted. Scientists from two German institutions, the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging at Freising, used a combination of 1D GC, 2D GC, mass spectrometry and sensory analysis to detect compounds with strong odours in waste plastic packaging.

A GC-NPD method has been developed to measure α-dicarbonyl compounds including glyoxal, methylglyoxal and diacetyl in 101 alcoholic beverages then perform exposure assessments.

Heart-cutting GC stops citrus fakery

Ryan De Vooght-Johnson

Jun 1, 2017

thumbnail image: Heart-cutting GC stops citrus fakery

Citrus fruits and their products, such as essential oils, are found in a wide range of foods and perfumery formulations, but can be adulterated with synthetic compounds or cheaper natural extracts. Scientists from Chosun University in South Korea, along with colleagues from the Kohat University of Science and Technology and Women University Swabi (both in Pakistan), used heart-cutting multi-dimensional gas chromatography and mass spectrometry to determine the enantiomeric excess of various citrus...

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Selected key technologies of the analytical science industry are discussed by Steve Down with reference to burgeoning application areas and the scope for future improvements.

We are proud to announce a new series of educational webinars run in collaboration with Chromedia, COAST, and SciMind, a product of the American Chemical Society. These webinars will build into a must-have set of tutorial materials for the analytical scientist.

Professor Mario Thevis discusses the fundamentals of sports drug testing. A selection of compounds, new challenges, and methods currently employed in doping control laboratories are discussed.

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The Journal of Mass Spectrometry (JMS) publishes papers on a broad range of topics of interest to scientists working in both fundamental and applied areas involving the study of gaseous ions.

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Pittcon 2014 Editors' Gold Award – Texas Instruments

Date: Mar 10, 2014

Eileen Skelly Frame talks with this year's Pittcon Editors' Award Gold winners, Texas Instruments, about their DLP NIR scan technology.

thumbnail image: Pittcon 2014 Editors' Gold Award – Texas Instruments
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