Pittcon 2013 Editors' Bronze Award – Pie Photonics

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  • Published: Mar 28, 2013
  • Source: spectroscopyNOW.com
  • Copyright: John Wiley and Sons
  • Channels: Electrophoresis / Ion Chromatography / Sample Preparation / Proteomics & Genomics / Gas Chromatography / Laboratory Informatics / Detectors / HPLC / Proteomics / Raman / Base Peak / Chemometrics & Informatics / Infrared Spectroscopy / Atomic / NMR Knowledge Base / X-ray Spectrometry / MRI Spectroscopy / UV/Vis Spectroscopy
thumbnail image: Pittcon 2013 Editors' Bronze Award – Pie Photonics

Congratulations to Pie Photonics based in Ireland and Hilton Head Island, SC, for winning the 2013 Pittcon Editors' Award Bronze Medal for their revolutionary Pie-in-a-Box™, a portable, no-moving parts. no scanning elements, interferometer technology that measures spectral content via Fourier Transform.

Pie™ Technology uses a passive optical engine to produce a spatial interference pattern across a detector array. The detector array is used to capture the interferogram for signal processing and analysis. A range of Fourier processing, fringe counting and weighting algoritms are used to analyse the interference fringes to measure delay, phase and spectral information to make measurements.

In this short video, Pie Photonics' CEO, Dominic Murphy speaks with Eileen Skelly Frame from Instrument News

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