SCIEX launches new CE system for glycan screening

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  • Published: Jan 31, 2018
  • Source: SCIEX
  • Suppliers: AB SCIEX
  • Channels: Electrophoresis

SCIEX has launched the new C100HT for qualitative glycan screening in biopharma. Combined with SCIEX’s award-winning fast glycan chemistry, the C100HT allows researchers challenged by time-consuming sample preparation and data analysis the ability to expand their workflow by hundreds of glycan samples per day, obtaining visual actionable data without the need for time consuming interpretation.

SCIEX C100HT high-throughput glycan screening technology is based on advanced capillary electrophoresis hardware armed with user-friendly software, an assay kit configured for up to 1000 separations, and a 12 capillary reagent cartridge for parallel processing of samples. Glycan acceptance criteria can be entered into the intuitive analysis dashboard, enabling a pass/fail result to be viewed at a glance and decisions on clone selection and cell line optimization to be made in real-time. The C100HT also comes complete with a mobile lab bench, allowing researchers full flexibility within their own facilities to locate the analytics at the point of decision making.

The C100HT sample preparation chemistry allows preparation of 96 samples in less than two hours, enabling clones to be selected from large sample populations quickly and cell culture optimization to be performed in real time to significantly increase the likelihood of selecting the best clones and manufacturing conditions. Automated glycan identification eliminates the need for tedious glycan database searches, thus minimizing the potential for human error and optimizing the workflow.

“Being able to select clones and cell culture conditions using information other than titer allows for an enhanced capability where larger populations can be screened, providing better information with which to choose and develop impactful biologics,” said Mark Lies, senior product manager at SCIEX. “Glycan screening is an important part of the process, but it has been limited by how many clones can be screened, not to mention the ensuing data. The C100HT represents a solution to this challenge and includes simplified sample preparation, an instrument of straightforward design, and meaningful visual data analysis, enabling researchers to improve their workflow throughput wherever their samples are generated, leading to fast answers for fast decision making.”

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