Waters introduces new SPE sorbent

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  • Published: Jan 26, 2018
  • Source: Waters Corporation
  • Suppliers: Waters Corporation
  • Channels: Sample Preparation
thumbnail image: Waters introduces new SPE sorbent

Waters Corporation has introduced Waters Oasis PRiME MCX cartridges and 96-well plates. These selectively retain and concentrate basic compounds while removing up to 99% of phospholipids using methods that are up to twice as fast as those for traditional mixed-mode solid phase extraction (SPE) products. With the removal of the most abundant matrix interference, phospholipids, from biological matrices, scientists will simplify their analyses, improve method robustness and increase instrument uptime while getting the accurate information they need to make informed decisions.

“While it is accepted that sample clean-up provides many benefits, such as fewer matrix effects and lower limits of detection, many scientists avoid sample preparation simply because they do not have the time for method development. They want accurate results faster with the fewest steps possible,” said Kim Haynes, principal product marketing manager, Chemistry Technology Center. “This is why we developed simple three- and four–step protocols to go along with Oasis PRiME MCX that deliver consistently and reproducibly cleaner samples faster than conventional mixed-mode SPE methods. Ultimately, this gives scientists greater confidence in their quantitative test results in support of clinical trial, clinical research, forensic toxicology, food or environmental studies.”

Oasis PRiME MCX is a mixed-mode (reversed-phase and cation exchange) sorbent that addresses the inherent complexities in quantifying target analytes in biological matrices like serum, plasma, whole blood, and human and animal tissue, or food samples including milk, meat and eggs. Furthermore, no conditioning or equilibration steps are required prior to their use, saving scientists significant time and effort.

In addition to simplifying analytical workflows, the cleaner samples produced by Oasis PRiME MCX provide scientists with the same answer time and time again by reducing ion suppression and instrument downtime due to clogged columns and dirty mass spectrometer ion sources. Cleaner samples also translate into longer lasting columns.

Waters’ proprietary manufacturing processes for the cartridges and multi-well plates are optimized to increase flow reproducibility when using positive pressure or vacuum manifolds so that processing times are more predictable. What’s more, for added assurance every batch of sorbent for Oasis PRiME MCX cartridges and multi-well plates is put through a well-defined, generic, four-step phospholipid removal protocol during the quality control testing process.

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