SCIEX says most therapeutic antibody producers use its electrophoresis system

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  • Published: Sep 11, 2017
  • Source: SCIEX
  • Suppliers: AB SCIEX
  • Channels: Electrophoresis

SCIEX has announced that its SCIEX PA 800 Plus Pharmaceutical Analysis System is now used by virtually all manufacturers of commercial therapeutic monoclonal antibodies.

The SCIEX PA 800 Plus runs various electrophoresis methods for purity (SDS-gel), identity (CZE) and charge heterogeneity analysis (CIEF & CZE), including universal methods that provide the highest resolution available. Additionally, the SCIEX PA 800 Plus employs recently introduced SCIEX Fast Glycan Labeling and Analysis Technology to allow biopharma researchers to identify and quantitate N-glycans up to five-times faster than HILIC, while obtaining automated and immediate glycan identification using a GU-based reference database.

In the face of ever-increasing regulatory requirements, the PA 800 Plus continues to deliver quality results for data confidence and SCIEX offers exclusive access to its experts for guidance and support. This allows customers to meet demanding timeframes without compromising data quality and integrity.

Only SCIEX CE technology uses circulating liquid temperature control of its capillary, allowing precise quantitation and identification from instrument to instrument and laboratory to laboratory. Further, the precise control of capillary temperature allows for the automated identification of branched glycans whose migration properties are known to be sensitive to changes in temperature.

“As a world-class manufacturer, SCIEX provides CE instruments that reduced risk for biopharma scientists and managers by offering better data, superior technology, and proven chemistries which are platformed within a large number of biopharmaceutical companies,” said Jeff Chapman, senior director, SCIEX. “These factors are key to the success of labs which are producing therapeutic monoclonal antibodies, and underlie the trust our customers have in SCIEX PA 800 Plus.”

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