Agricultural lab chooses SCIEX LC-MS/MS system

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  • Published: Jul 17, 2017
  • Source: SCIEX
  • Suppliers: AB SCIEX
  • Channels: HPLC / Base Peak
thumbnail image: Agricultural lab chooses SCIEX LC-MS/MS system

SCIEX has announced that EPL Bio Analytical Services, an industry-leading, agriculture-focused analytical contract laboratory, has selected the SCIEX QTRAP 6500+ with SelexION+. According to SCIEX, this will allow EPL's researchers to provide analytical solutions to customers with projects involving difficult matrices that the lab could not previously consider accepting.

EPL’s analytical laboratory provides customized analytical laboratory testing services to the agricultural crop protection, agricultural chemical, agricultural biotechnology, organic, biocontrol, nutritional, food ingredient and feed industries. They also partner with customers from around the world to provide safe and reliable agricultural products to local and global consumers.

EPL’s installation of the SCIEX QTRAP 6500+ LC-MS/MS system with multi-component IonDrive Technology and a newly designed IonDrive High Energy Detector+ offers them the high sensitivity, reliability and confidence they require to produce data as objective evidence for the efficacy and safety of a wide range agricultural products. These include organic products, synthetic chemistry and plant incorporated protectants.

The QTRAP 6500+ system delivers enhanced selectivity, without compromising MRM sensitivity, for more flexibility in dealing with complex interferences. The exclusive QTRAP scan function of MS3 (MS/MS/MS) adds an additional level of mass filtering, while the SelexION+ ion mobility provides an orthogonal separation prior to mass separation and offers the lab yet another tool for eliminating isobaric background interferences in complex assays, making quantitation in complex samples easier and less time consuming. The unique scan functions offered by the SCIEX QTRAP system, including enhanced mass scans (EMS), enhanced resolution scans (ER) and enhanced product ion scans (EPI), deliver maximum flexibility and workflow options, enabling researchers to embrace new discoveries and more accurate identification that extend beyond quantitation.

“The 6500+ with SelexION allows EPL Bio Analytical Services to have unique product offering and provides a significant competitive advantage that enables their researchers to solve problems other labs cannot,” said Paul Winkler, food and beverage marketing development manager, Americas at SCIEX. “The acquisition of the QTRAP 6500+ provides EPL Bio Analytical Services with an instrument that has better low mass negative ion performance than their competitors’ laboratories, and with the addition of SelexION, EPL Bio Analytical Services further extends their ability to perform analyses in complex matrices such as environmental and agricultural samples.”

“At EPL, the management and staff place a high value on being the industry leader,” said Fred Claussen, VP of method development, EPL Bio Analytical Services. “When we find a technology that will provide better data to our customers, we go get it. In the competitive world of contract laboratories, having the best technology, along with the best technical staff allows us to more effectively compete for new business and uphold our strong brand on a global level. We believe that the acquisition of these SCIEX solutions gives our laboratory this important competitive edge.”

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