908 Devices launches GC-MS cannabis analyzer

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  • Published: Jun 28, 2017
  • Source: 908 Devices
  • Channels: Gas Chromatography / Base Peak

Analytical device company 908 Devices has launched the G908 3-in-1 Cannabis Analyzer, which combines the company’s patented and award-winning high-pressure mass spectrometry (HPMS) technology with the separating power of ballistic gas chromatography (GC).

Customers throughout the cannabis testing industry can now perform three state required tests on one device: total potency, terpenes and residual solvents. As a result, users at all skill levels can accelerate the analysis process for a wide range of compounds associated with cannabis production, reducing analysis time by more than 80% to save both time and money.

“As we march towards our goal of making gold-standard analysis more accessible, we saw a real opportunity to bring our powerful GC-HPMS technology combination to the cannabis testing industry,” said Kevin Knopp, president and CEO of 908 Devices. “With G908, all those involved in the production, testing and distribution of cannabis products will benefit from an easy-to-use, affordable device that can keep pace with continuous changes in regulations and testing needs.”

With state regulations requiring products to pass safety, purity and quality tests before distribution, those involved in the growing, manufacturing and testing of cannabis products need a fast, rigorous analysis solution to ensure compliance. Unlike legacy instruments found in today’s laboratories, this 3-in-1 analyzer is easy-to-use and offers professional-grade analysis on cannabis strains at the push of a button.

Designed for durability and transportability, G908 can rapidly perform testing in the laboratory and at remote field-based settings. What’s more, G908 is a cost-effective device. Not only does the device cost less than legacy lab instruments, it was designed with field serviceable components and very few required consumables, so maintenance and upkeep costs are significantly reduced. This eases the financial burden placed on growers, producers and labs looking to streamline acquisition of new instruments.

In the lab, G908’s small footprint and compound selectivity eliminates the need for multiple, complex analytical instruments. The combination of HPMS and GC provides exceptionally fast compositional analysis, allowing technicians to scale up operations and successfully manage the hundreds of samples they need to test each day. Notably, G908 can perform analysis on residual solvents five times faster than legacy instruments in the lab.

For growers and producers, on-site testing capabilities will significantly increase their chances of passing state-sanctioned testing. The ability to test products on-site throughout the cultivation, extraction and manufacturing processes provides growers and producers with the ability to determine optimum harvest conditions, and identify potential product quality problems early to take corrective action. In turn, this reduces the risk of having batches quarantined or destroyed.

“The lack of standardization throughout the industry has proved to be challenging as we work towards compliance while also trying to remain profitable,” said Christopher Hudalla, founder and chief scientific officer of ProVerde Laboratories. “As this industry matures, and the number of samples we receive for testing continues to grow, G908’s rapid analysis will be a game-changer for our team. This disruptive technique will enable us to keep pace with the number of samples we receive without having to compromise on accuracy. By leveraging G908, we can continue our mission of revolutionizing the state’s medical marijuana industry while also serving as a resource for doctors and researchers examining the medicinal uses of marijuana.”

“Users throughout the industry – regardless of skill level – will benefit from the fast-compositional analysis provided by this new cannabis analyzer,” said Graham Shelver, commercial leader, applied markets at 908 Devices.“ From accurate terpene profiling with component mass confirmation and calculation of solvent residue concentrations in complex matrices to neutral cannabinoid total potency results, G908 rapidly identifies and quantifies a wide selection of compounds present in cannabis strains. As a result, customers in both testing labs and at production facilities will be well equipped for detecting and identifying molecules at the concentration limits this industry requires.”

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