Agilent unveils new analytical and purification solutions

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  • Published: Jun 23, 2017
  • Source: Agilent Technologies
  • Suppliers: Agilent Technologies
  • Channels: HPLC / Base Peak

Agilent Technologies has unveiled several new products to complete the InfinityLab LC series. These form part of the InfinityLab family of instruments, columns and supplies that work seamlessly together, alongside Agilent OpenLAB software and Agilent CrossLab services, to provide highly efficient workflows for customers.

Agilent InfinityLab LC Purification Solution

Agilent’s new InfinityLab LC purification solution provides a complete portfolio of analytical scale to preparative scale purification systems. Comprised of 11 modules plus accessories and software, the new solution allows laboratories to tailor purification systems to meet their needs, ranging from highly affordable systems for routine purification tasks to fully automated solutions for high-throughput purification labs. Agilent provides a wide range of detectors for fractionation triggering, including mass-spectral detection with the new Agilent LC/MSD or LC/MSD XT systems.

Agilent 1260 Infinity II Prime LC System

A new flagship for more standard HPLC analysis, the 1260 Infinity II Prime LC system delivers outstanding performance on routine analyses and provides an ideal front end to the new Agilent Ultivo Triple Quadrupole mass spectrometry system.

The 1260 Infinity II Prime LC provides the highest convenience standard in the 1260 Infinity II LC portfolio plus extended pressure range (up to 800 bar), superior quaternary mixing and specifically designed columns. Automated instrument features reduce the need for manual interaction, increasing analytical laboratories’ efficiency. Intelligent System Emulation Technology (ISET), initially only available with 1290 Infinity II LC systems, ensures seamless method transfers from many Agilent and third party legacy instruments.

The improved convenience level of the 1260 Infinity II Prime LC is highlighted with a new local user interface – the Agilent InfinityLab LC Companion.

Agilent 1260 Infinity II Supercritical Fluid Chromatography System

Based on latest technology improvements, the new 1260 Infinity II SFC system offers improved performance in supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC). As well as the high separation speed offered by SFC, the new system also enables laboratories to save money and reduce pollution by replacing the toxic and flammable solvents often used in normal phase LC.

Agilent allows labs to compare results of SFC and LC runs performed on one system using a hybrid SFC/UHPLC system configuration of the 1260 Infinity II SFC system, or to scout for chiral separation conditions using up to 32 columns and 12 solvents in a method development set-up.

“At Agilent, we strongly believe that a one-size-fits-all approach does not respect the performance, functionality and budgetary needs of LC laboratories around the world,” said Stefan Schuette, vice president and general manager of Agilent’s liquid phase separation division. “That’s why we are introducing a significant range of new Agilent products at the HPLC conference in Prague, covering the full breadth of our liquid phase separation portfolio – from 1D- to 2D-LC, from reverse phase LC to SFC and from analytical- to preparative-scale purification.”

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