Cerno Bioscience Releases Latest Version of Its Mass Spec Software

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  • Published: May 8, 2017
  • Source: Cerno Bioscience
  • Channels: Gas Chromatography / Laboratory Informatics / HPLC / Base Peak / Chemometrics & Informatics
thumbnail image: Cerno Bioscience Releases Latest Version of Its Mass Spec Software

Norwalk, CT. May 8, 2017.

Cerno Bioscience announced today that it has released the first shipments of its innovative mass spec calibration and analysis software, MassWorks Version 5.0. The software boasts a host of new features and improvements that extend the versatility of the software including integration with NIST GC/MS library search and formula look-up as well as ChemSpider formula look-up to assist in identifying unknown compounds. The accurate mass calibration (up to 0.005mDa for single quadrupoles) provided by MassWorks allows accurate mass library search filters to improve the confidence and selectivity of the NIST search. For ultra-high resolution instruments, a novel new feature now determines the correct and accurate isotope fine structure even in the presence of space charge effects and other instrument non-linear artifacts. Complex quantitative mixture analysis has also been enhanced for applications such as GC/MS fragment analysis, biologics degradation products, hydrogen-deuterium exchange, and labeled isotopes.

The Award winning MassWorks is well known for enabling routine formula determination on an otherwise conventional quadrupole MS with up to 100x improvement in mass accuracy through TrueCal™, a novel and patented MS calibration algorithm. Cerno has defined the concept of Spectral Accuracy in mass spectrometry which for the first time enables accurate isotope spectral profiles to be calculated and quantitatively analyzed on both high and unit resolution instruments. This enabling technology allows accurate elemental composition determination on unit resolution instruments (CLIPS) and dramatically improves the specificity for high resolution instruments (sCLIPS). Formula identification using Spectral Accuracy is now an accepted technique in peer reviewed Journals including JASMS, JACS, and other ACS publications. The high Spectral Accuracy provided by the patented MassWorks calibration also enables powerful quantitative mixture analysis in the most challenging applications such as protein modifications including oxidization and deamination.

Dr. Don Kuehl VP of Marketing and Products at Cerno, comments: “With over a thousand copies delivered, MassWorks has proven to be not only the tool to transform a unit resolution instrument into a powerful accurate mass instrument, but it provides high Spectral Accuracy as well for high resolution instruments to enable more reliable elemental composition determination and solve complex problems for both small and large molecule applications.”

About Cerno Bioscience Products

Cerno Bioscience’s MassWorks family of software products performs post-acquisition MS calibration, formula determination, and mixture quantitation through either CLIPS at unit mass resolution or sCLIPS at higher resolution. It supports all major MS vendor data formats directly and works with all MS instruments including GC/MS, LC/MS, TOF, qTOF, and FT MS. Cerno Bioscience products are used in major R&D labs for pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, flavors, fragrances, natural products, environmental analysis, forensics, fine chemicals and petrochemicals as well as academic and educational institutions.

About Cerno Bioscience

Cerno is dedicated to the practical application of modern mathematical techniques to Mass Spectrometry for improving the quality, accuracy and reliability of MS analysis. These techniques can be used to dramatically improve the amount of information obtainable from and reduce the amount of time required of many MS experiments. Cerno’s technologies are proprietary and protected through numerous patents granted and submitted world-wide. For more information on Cerno MS technologies, applications, or products, please visit our Web site:

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