Agilent unveils new line of SEC columns

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  • Published: Jan 27, 2016
  • Author: Jon Evans
  • Source: Agilent Technologies
  • Suppliers: Agilent Technologies
  • Channels: HPLC
thumbnail image: Agilent unveils new line of SEC columns

Agilent Technologies unveiled its new line of AdvanceBio SEC columns at the recent 20th Symposium on the Interface of Regulatory and Analytical Sciences for Biotechnology Health Products (WCBP 2016), which took place in Washington, DC, on 26–28 January 2016.

The new columns represent a significant advance in size-exclusion chromatography (SEC), a key technology used to quantify aggregation in biotherapeutics such as monoclonal antibodies. Quantifying aggregation is a vital factor in developing and producing safe, effective biologics. AdvanceBio SEC columns deliver higher resolution for more accurate quantitation, as well as higher sensitivity to quantitate aggregates, even at low levels.

“Through innovative design, AdvanceBio SEC columns deliver reproducible results – column to column, batch to batch and lab to lab,” said Helen Stimson, Agilent vice president and general manager of the Chemistries and Supplies Division. “Our new silica particle provides the resolution and stability to run shorter columns at higher flow rates, giving laboratories the right result in a quarter of the time.”

Stimson called the new columns an example of Agilent’s dedication to designing new technologies to meet the challenges faced by the biopharmaceutical industry. “This product line will enable laboratories to control costs by eliminating sample rework, simplifying method transfers and improving lab productivity,” she said.

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