Bruker introduces new MALDI TOF/TOF system

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  • Published: Oct 1, 2015
  • Author: Jon Evans
  • Source: Bruker
  • Suppliers: Bruker Corporation
  • Channels: Detectors / Proteomics & Genomics / Proteomics / Base Peak
thumbnail image: Bruker introduces new MALDI TOF/TOF system


Bruker's new rapifleX MALDI-TOF/TOF mass spectrometer.

At the recent 14th Human Proteome Organization (HUPO) World Congress, Bruker presented the new rapifleX MALDI-TOF/TOF mass spectrometer. MALDI-TOF/TOF is established as a powerful tandem mass spectrometry method for in-depth protein analysis.

With its redesigned, next-generation TOF/TOF ion optics, the rapifleX system now offers significantly higher speed, mass resolution and mass accuracy. The rapifleX integrates a novel, 10kHz smartbeam 3D scanning laser design for breakthrough mass-spec imaging capabilities with dramatically improved spatial resolution, image contrast and quality, and a new ion source for superior robustness and throughput in pathology research.

MALDI tissue imaging studies are of particular use for identifying biomarker candidates for validation and the subsequent development of targeted assays. The rapifleX MALDI-TOF/TOF extends the MALDI Tissuetyper imaging capabilities with rapid, spatially resolved MS/MS data. It supports the patented ImageID workflow for biomarker discovery in MALDI imaging cohort studies by obtaining matching identifications of tryptic peptides in bottom-up imaging studies.

‘With the rapifleX MALDI-TOF/TOF introduction, we can now offer both greatly enhanced TOF/TOF performance for structural characterization and breakthrough MS imaging capabilities for cutting-edge proteomics research laboratories, for biopharma customers and for clinical researchers in pathology,’ said Dietrich Hauffe, executive vice president for life science mass spectrometry at Bruker Daltonics. ‘Its unparalleled speed, throughput, structural capabilities, imaging capabilities, as well as MALDI ease of use and robustness, make the new rapifleX MALDI-TOF/TOF a game-changing new research and validation tool.’

In addition to next-generation tissue imaging performance, the rapifleX MALDI-TOF/TOF system is well suited for detailed protein characterization in life science research and biopharmaceutical laboratories. The rapifleX MALDI-TOF/TOF system can improve many protein characterization tasks.

  • Peptide mass fingerprints for protein identification.
  • Fast identification of post-translational modifications.
  • Fast identification of impurities.
  • Top-down protein sequencing.
  • T3-Sequencing to identify or confirm suspected modifications or sequence alterations at protein N- or C-termini. T3-Sequencing is patented for protein terminal structure determination.
  • Fully automated disulfide bond analysis of intact proteins without a priori assumptions using DisulfideDetect method and software.

The rapifleX MALDI-TOF/TOF system is for research use only.

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