Agilent enters into bioanalytical collaboration in Singapore

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  • Published: Apr 29, 2015
  • Author: Jon Evans
  • Source: Agilent Technologies
  • Suppliers: Agilent Technologies
  • Channels: Electrophoresis / HPLC

Agilent Technologies has entered into a strategic collaboration with the National University of Singapore (NUS) Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine for the development of more effective medicines for treating cardiovascular disease.

Under the collaboration, the department of medicine at the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine will have access to the latest bioanalytical instruments from Agilent for its in-depth study of clinical bioanalytics, the body’s response to drug exposure. These instruments will include the Agilent 6550 iFunnel quadrupole time-of-flight liquid chromatography mass spectrometry system and the Agilent Capillary Electrophoresis System model 7100.

‘We are happy to be working with Agilent,’ said Chester Drum at the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. ‘Agilent’s broad range of technologies will, ultimately, aid in the development of new analytics for personalized patient care. Consideration of the patient as an individual, rather than a statistic, is where we will see the next innovations in cardiovascular medicine.’

Drum, who also holds a position at the Cardiovascular Research Institute (CVRI) at the National University Heart Centre, Singapore, aims to provide real-time readouts that will help patients understand the benefits and risks of commonly prescribed medications throughout the lifecycle of a drug. At the moment, his research focuses on drugs for heart disease, but could be extended to a host of related diseases, such as high cholesterol, diabetes, etc.

‘This collaboration with NUS Medicine is exciting, as we can see that the potential outcomes could save lives or improve people’s quality of life,’ said Agilent’s Robin Philp, specialist for the academic market in the South East Asia Pacific and Korea region. ‘We appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with research leaders like NUS Medicine, who will be using our technology to conduct faster, more accurate research in their quest to answer science’s tough questions.’

‘As a leading cardiovascular research organization in Singapore, we are delighted to partner with Agilent to enable the development of cutting-edge analytical biochemistry infrastructure, intellectual property and human capital in Singapore,’ said Mark Richards, director of the CVRI. ‘This partnership is an excellent example of an intelligent extension of our institute’s technical capacity while keeping in step with the needs of industry for mutually constructive and productive partnerships with academic biomedical research groups.’

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