An introduction to on-line LC-NMR

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  • Published: Oct 1, 2005
  • Channels: HPLC / Detectors
thumbnail image: An introduction to on-line LC-NMR

Albert coverIn this free chapter from On-line LC-NMR and Related Techniques Klaus Albert introduces the theory and practice of this interesting technique, including:

  • NMR in a Flowing Liquid
  • Design of Continuous-Flow NMR Probes
  • Experimental Arrangement for HPLC-1H NMR Coupling.
  • Practical Considerations, Solvent Suppression Techniques, Gradient Elution and Purity of HPLC Solvents.

Click here to download this chapter (PDF format, 22 Pages, 281 Kb)

This chapter is taken from On-line LC-NMR and Related Techniques, edited by Klaus Albert.

This book gives a comprehensive overview of the basis and the current applications of LC-NMR and related techniques. It deals with the practical aspects of the hardware and software set-up for a successful performance of on-line coupling experiments. It covers the solution of real-word problems from the fields of biomedical, pharmaceutical and environmental studies as well as the analysis of natural products and polymeric compounds. Thus guidelines for an efficient application of the powerful hyphenated technique LC-NMR in combination with LC-MS are presented. Besides LC-NMR, important techniques such as the on-line coupling of gel permeation chromatography and supercritical fluid chromatography, together with 1H NMR spectroscopy, are described in detail.

Fascinating further aspects, such as the application of capillary separation techniques either in the single or parallel detection mode, together with the possibilities of direct 13C monitoring of chromatographic events, are also discussed.

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