Plasma treatment of bamboo fibers on the tribological property of polyimide composite filled with graphite

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  • Published: Nov 28, 2017
  • Author: Chuanwang Sun, Aijun Liu, Gang Du
  • Journal: Surface and Interface Analysis

This paper is concerned with the effects of the air plasma surface treatment of bamboo fiber on the tribological properties of the bamboo fiber reinforced polyimide (bamboo/polyimide) composites filled with graphite. Plasma treatment and graphite bring positive effect on the improvement of friction reducing and antiwear of bamboo/polyimide composites. And Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy analysis shows that the bamboo fibers have been oxidized and etched by the air plasma treatment. The presence of active groups makes the polarity of the fiber increase, and so the bond property between the fiber and matrix is improved.

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