Blue Native/SDS‐PAGE and iTRAQ‐Based Chloroplasts Proteomics Analysis of Nicotiana tabacum Leaves Infected with M Strain of Cucumber Mosaic Virus Reveals Several Proteins Involved in Chlorosis Symptoms

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  • Published: Dec 27, 2017
  • Author: Rong Lei, Zhixin Du, Jun Kong, Guifen Li, Yan He, Yanhong Qiu, Jin Yan, Shuifang Zhu
  • Journal: PROTEOMICS


Virus infection in plants involves necrosis, chlorosis, and mosaic. The M strain of cucumber mosaic virus (M‐CMV) has six distinct symptoms: vein clearing, mosaic, chlorosis, partial green recovery, complete green recovery, and secondary mosaic. Chlorosis indicates the loss of chlorophyll which is highly abundant in plant leaves and plays essential roles in photosynthesis. Blue native/SDS‐PAGE combined with mass spectrum was performed to detect the location of virus, and proteomic analysis of chloroplast isolated from virus‐infected plants was performed to quantify the changes of individual proteins in order to gain a global view of the total chloroplast protein dynamics during the virus infection. Among the 438 proteins quantified, 33 showed a more than twofold change in abundance, of which 22 are involved in the light‐dependent reactions and five in the Calvin cycle. The dynamic change of these proteins indicates that light‐dependent reactions are down‐accumulated, and the Calvin cycle was up‐accumulated during virus infection. In addition to the proteins involved in photosynthesis, tubulin was up‐accumulated in virus‐infected plant, which might contribute to the autophagic process during plant infection. In conclusion, this extensive proteomic investigation on intact chloroplasts of virus‐infected tobacco leaves provided some important novel information on chlorosis mechanisms induced by virus infection.

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