Visualization of calcium phosphate cement in teeth by zero echo time 1 H MRI at high field

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  • Published: Nov 21, 2017
  • Author: Weiqiang Dou, Simone Mastrogiacomo, Andor Veltien, Hamdan S. Alghamdi, X. Frank Walboomers, Arend Heerschap
  • Journal: NMR in Biomedicine

1H magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) by a zero echo time (ZTE) sequence is an excellent method to image teeth. Calcium phosphate cement (CPC) materials are applied in the restoration of tooth lesions, but it has not yet been investigated whether they can be detected by computed tomography (CT) or MRI. The aim of this study was to optimize high‐field ZTE imaging to enable the visualization of a new CPC formulation implanted in teeth and to apply this in the assessment of its decomposition in vivo. CPC was implanted in three human and three goat teeth ex vivo and in three goat teeth in vivo. An ultrashort echo time (UTE) sequence with multiple flip angles and echo times was applied at 11.7 T to measure T1 and T2* values of CPC, enamel and dentin. Teeth with CPC were imaged with an optimized ZTE sequence. Goat teeth implanted with CPC in vivo were imaged after 7 weeks ex vivo. T2* relaxation of implanted CPC, dentin and enamel was better fitted by a model assuming a Gaussian rather than a Lorentzian distribution. For CPC and human enamel and dentin, the average T2* values were 273 ± 19, 562 ± 221 and 476 ± 147 μs, respectively, the average T2 values were 1234 ± 27, 963 ± 151 and 577 ± 41 μs, respectively, and the average T1 values were 1065 ± 45, 972 ± 40 and 903 ± 7 ms, respectively. In ZTE images, CPC had a higher signal‐to‐noise‐ratio than dentin and enamel because of the higher water content. Seven weeks after in vivo implantation, the CPC‐filled lesions showed less homogeneous structures, a lower T1 value and T2* separated into two components. MRI by ZTE provides excellent contrast for CPC in teeth and allows its decomposition to be followed.

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