Quantification, dissipation behavior and risk assessment of ethion in green pea by gas chromatography‐electron capture detector

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  • Published: Feb 23, 2018
  • Author: Ishrat Jan, Alamgir A. Dar, Sofi Mubashir, Ashraf Alam Wani, Malik Mukhtar, Khurshid A. Sofi, Irshad H. Dar, Javid A. Sofi
  • Journal: Journal of Separation Science


Residue investigation was carried out to scrutinize the persistence, dissipation behavior, half‐life, and risk assessment of ethion on green pea fruit by spraying ethion at the fruiting stage followed by another application at 10 day intervals. The samples were extracted by using a quick, easy, low‐cost, effective, rugged, and safe method, and the residues of ethion were analyzed by gas chromatography with electron capture detection. Here we report a novel, accurate, and cost‐effective gas chromatography method for the determination of average deposits of ethion on green pea. The initial deposits were found to be 4.65 mg/kg following the application of insecticide. Residues of ethion reached below the detection limit of 0.10 mg/kg after 25 days at recommended dosage. The half‐life of ethion was found to be 4.62 days. For risk assessment studies, the 25th day will be safe for consumers for the consumption of green peas. The developed method is simple, sensitive, selective, and repeatable and can be extended for ethion‐based standardization of herbal formulations containing green pea and its use in pesticide industries.

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