Selective enrichment of N‐linked glycopeptides and glycans by using a dextran‐modified hydrophilic material

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  • Published: Feb 9, 2018
  • Author: Linlin Chen, Di Ding, Qianying Sheng, Long Yu, Xiuping Liu, Xinmiao Liang
  • Journal: Journal of Separation Science


Glycosylation analysis of proteins from biological sources utilizing mass spectrometry based approaches is challenging due to the relatively low abundance of glycopeptides, the structural diversity of glycans, and the coexisting matrices. In this study, a customized dextran‐bonded silica‐based stationary phase was introduced for selective enrichment of glycopeptides and glycans from complex biological samples. This material has exhibited superior selectivity and broader glycosylation site coverage over commercial Sepharose in glycoproteomic evaluation. Additionally, the glycomic analysis of fetuin, α1‐acid glycoprotein, and human serum N‐glycome also indicated the relatively higher sensitivity, selectivity, and glycoform coverage of dextran‐bonded silica than that of Sepharose and porous graphitized carbon. Therefore, the dextran‐bonded silica is expected to make contributions in the fields of glycoproteomics and glycomics.

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