A simple approach to prepare a sulfone‐embedded stationary phase for HPLC

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  • Published: Dec 27, 2017
  • Author: Dan Liu, Ting Qiao, Haiyan Liu, Xiaoling Wang, Zhi‐guo Shi
  • Journal: Journal of Separation Science


In the present study, a polar‐embedded reversed‐phase liquid chromatographic stationary phase that contained internal sulfone groups was prepared. The synthesis involved the “thiol‐ene” click chemistry between the vinyl functionalized silica and 1‐octadecanethiol, followed by the oxidization of sulfide to sulfone groups. The resulting material simultaneously possessed the alkyl chain, i.e. C18, and the internal sulfone groups. Elemental analysis demonstrates that the element contents of the C18/sulfone silica were C 8.94%, H 1.87% and S 0.66%. Chromatographic evaluations indicate that the C18/sulfone stationary phase exhibited a little less retention than the C18/sulfide one. A comparable chromatographic performance of neutral analytes was obtained on these two columns, but much better chromatographic performance in the case of basic and acid analytes was obtained on C18/sulfone stationary phase with additional features such as lower silanol activity, better stability (stable working conditions of pH 1.0–10.0), and better compatibility with 100% aqueous mobile phases. The batch‐to‐batch reproducibility was acceptable (the RSDs of retention times for the probes were no higher than 1.73%), demonstrating the suitability of the applied synthetic strategy for the new stationary phase. The C18/sulfone is a promising polar‐embedded RPLC stationary phase.

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