Raman spectroscopic measurements of ν 1 band of hydrogen sulfide over a wide range of temperature and density in fused‐silica optical cells

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  • Published: Nov 17, 2017
  • Author: Lei Jiang, Yang Xin, I‐Ming Chou, Ying Chen
  • Journal: Journal of Raman Spectroscopy


A method was developed to determine the fluid density of pure hydrogen sulfide (H2S) at a fixed temperature using Raman spectroscopic measurements. The positions of the H2S Raman ν1 band were measured at a wide range of temperatures (188.15 K ≤ T ≤ 633.15 K) and pressures (P ≤ 506 bar) using fused‐silica capillary capsules and high‐pressure optical cells. The relation among H2S density (ρ), H2S ν1 peak position, and T can be represented by ρ = 2447.680 + 0.127 × T − 1.876 × ν1 − 0.000001 × T2 − 0.000048 × T × ν1 + 0.00036 × ν12 (root‐mean‐square error = 0.0197 g/cm3 and correlation coefficient = 0.9963). This equation can be applied to calculate the density of the H2S fluid from the measured H2S ν1 peak position at a given temperature. Finally, the effects of temperature and H2S density on ν1 peak position were examined using isochoric and isothermal experiments.

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