Improving the frame rates of Raman image sequences recorded with integral field spectroscopy using windowing and binning methods

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  • Published: Oct 17, 2017
  • Author: Benito Moralejo, Elmar Schmälzlin, Daniel Bodenmüller, Thomas Fechner, Martin M. Roth


Astrophysicists use Integral Field Spectroscopy to record spectrally resolved images of faint galaxies. Transferred to imaging Raman spectroscopy, this technique significantly accelerates the capture of Raman images as the simultaneous acquisition of multiple spectra makes scanning procedures obsolete. Furthermore, sequentially collected Raman images result in image sequences thus allowing to monitor Raman features in the spatial dimension over time. However, long readout times of the required large‐area charge coupled device detectors slow down the acquisition rate. Here we report how the acquisition frequency of Raman images can be enhanced with on‐chip windowing and binning readout. The potential of this approach is demonstrated with Raman image sequences of polystyrene beads in motion in a micro‐fluid environment.

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