Quantitative analysis of sesquiterpenes and comparison of three Curcuma wenyujin herbal medicines by micro matrix solid phase dispersion coupled with MEEKC

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  • Published: Feb 9, 2018
  • Author: Mengmeng Wei, Chu Chu, Shan Wang, Jizhong Yan


A simple, efficient and environmental friendly method was proposed for determining five sesquiterpenoids of Curcuma wenyujin by MSPD extraction coupled with MEEKC separation. Molecular sieve was applied as a solid support for extraction of sesquiterpenoids for the first time. Various parameters affecting extraction and separation efficiency were investigated. The optimized conditions involved dispersing sample (200 mg) with 200 mg of TS‐1 for 150 s and using 1000 μL of methanol to elute five target analytes. Finally, they were well separated by using a running buffer containing 1.3% SDS, 5.0% 1‐butanol, 0.5% ethyl acetate and 10% acetonitrile in 10 mM borate buffer at pH 9.0. Consequently, the developed method was fully validated and successfully applied to determine the five sesquiterpenoids including curdine, curcumenol, germacrone, furanodiene and β‐elemene in Curcuma wenyujin origin's Chinese herbal medicines. Furthermore, hierarchical cluster analysis was performed based on the contents of target compounds for distinguishing steamed and non‐steamed drugs. The present study provided a promising method for fast investigation and discrimination of chemical difference in steam & non‐steamed Chinese medicines from Curcuma wenyujin origin.

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