Microscale isolation of native forms of lysozyme from chicken egg white by gel isoelectric focusing

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  • Published: Feb 22, 2018
  • Author: Youji Shimazaki, Yoshiko Ochi, Kennosuke Fujimura


To separate and extract the native states of lysozyme from chicken egg white, a hybrid method for the mobilization of proteins after non‐denaturing gel isoelectric focusing (IEF) combined with detection of lysozyme activity was developed. When the proteins in the chicken egg white were first separated using non‐denaturing gel IEF, a lysozyme was obtained at the top of the gel column at the cathode end of the IEF. And, when the IEF‐separated proteins of the egg white were mobilized by replacing the cathodic sodium hydroxide solution with phosphoric acid solution, an additional active state of the lysozyme that could be bound to proteins, such as ovotransferrin, was extracted from the solution. Furthermore, it was shown that the addition of lysozyme, obtained via IEF, to pure ovotransferrin generated a complex manifesting lysozyme activity, clearly indicating a successful reconstruction of the lysozyme‐ovotransferrin complex in vitro. Therefore, the obtained results demonstrated that the native states of lysozymes, such as lysozyme and the lysozyme‐ovotransferrin complex, can be effectively separated and extracted using non‐denaturing gel IEF. Thus, this method can be applied to separate and extract different charge states of native proteins that retain their biological activities.

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