How many proteins can be identified in a 2DE gel spot within an analysis of a complex human cancer tissue proteome?

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  • Published: Feb 8, 2018
  • Author: Xianquan Zhan, Haiyan Yang, Fang Peng, Jianglin Li, Yun Mu, Ying Long, Tingting Cheng, Yuda Huang, Zhao Li, Miaolong Lu, Na Li, Maoyu Li, Jianping Liu, Peter R. Jungblut


Two‐dimensional gel electrophoresis (2DE) in proteomics is traditionally assumed to contain only one or two proteins in each 2DE spot. However, 2DE resolution is being complemented by the rapid development of high sensitivity mass spectrometers. Here we compared MALDI‐MS, LC‐Q‐TOF MS and LC‐Orbitrap Velos MS for the identification of proteins within one spot. With LC‐Orbitrap Velos MS each Coomassie Blue‐stained 2DE spot contained an average of at least 42 and 63 proteins/spot in an analysis of a human glioblastoma proteome and a human pituitary adenoma proteome, respectively, if a single gel spot was analyzed. If a pool of three matched gel spots was analyzed this number further increased up to an average of 230 and 118 proteins/spot for glioblastoma and pituitary adenoma proteome, respectively. Multiple proteins per spot confirm the necessity of isotopic labeling in large‐scale quantification of different protein species in a proteome. Furthermore, a protein abundance analysis revealed that most of the identified proteins in each analyzed 2DE spot were low‐abundance proteins. Many proteins were present in several of the analyzed spots showing the ability of 2DE‐MS to separate at the protein species level. Therefore, 2DE coupled with high‐sensitivity LC‐MS has a clearly higher sensitivity as expected until now to detect, identify and quantify low abundance proteins in a complex human proteome with an estimated resolution of about 500 000 protein species. This clearly exceeds the resolution power of bottom‐up LC‐MS investigations.

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