Open‐tubular capillary electrochromatography using carboxylatopillar[5]arene as stationary phase

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  • Published: Sep 26, 2017
  • Author: Deying Kong, Zilin Chen


Pillar[n]arenes have achieved much interest in material chemistry and supramolecular chemistry due to unusual pillar shape structure and high selectivity toward guest. However, pillar[n]arenes have not yet been applied in capillary electrochromatography. This work at first time reports that carboxylatopillar[5]arene is used as a stationary phase in open‐tubular capillary electrochromatography. Carboxylatopillar[5]arene not only possess the advantages of pillar[n]arenes but also provide free carboxy groups for immobilizing on the inner wall of capillary column via covalent bonding. The characterization of SEM and FT‐IR indicated that carboxylatopillar[5]arene was successfully grafted on the inner wall of capillary. The baseline separation of model analytes including neutral, basic, and acidic compounds, nonsteroidal anti‐inflammatory drugs and dansyl‐amino acids have been achieved thanks to the electron‐rich cavity of carboxylatopillar[5]arene and hydrophobic interactions between the analytes and stationary phase. The intraday, interday, and column‐to‐column precisions (RSDs) of retention time and peak area for the neutral analytes were all less than 3.34 and 9.65%, respectively. This work indicates that pillar[n]arenes have great potential in capillary electrochromatography as novel stationary phase.

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