Recent advances in CE and microchip‐CE in clinical applications: 2014 to mid‐2017

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  • Published: Sep 20, 2017
  • Author: Terry M. Phillips


CE and microchip CE (ME) are powerful tools for the analysis of a number of different analytes and have been applied to a variety of clinical fields and human samples. This review will present an overview of the most recent applications of these techniques to different areas of clinical medicine during the period of 2014 to mid‐2017. CE and ME have been applied to clinical chemistry, drug detection and monitoring, hematology, infectious diseases, oncology, endocrinology, neonatology, nephrology, and genetic screening. Samples examined range from serum, plasma, and urine to lest utilized materials such as tears, cerebral spinal fluid, sweat, saliva, condensed breath, single cells, and biopsy tissue. Examples of clinical applications will be given along with the various detection systems employed.

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