The next generation of capillary electrophoresis instruments: Performance of CE‐SDS protein analysis

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  • Published: Oct 25, 2017
  • Author: Julia Kahle, Kai Jorrit Maul, Hermann Wätzig


Over the last decade, capillary electrophoresis gained tremendous importance, because it became an indispensible tool for the quality control of biologics, e.g. therapeutic antibodies. Consequently, there has been a continuous development within the CE market. Microchip techniques have been established in the last years. Further trends are complete solutions for specific applications by the usage of reagent kits. Step by step instructions and facilitated handling of the instruments are becoming more common. This work focuses on the sized‐based protein analysis with CE‐SDS. The instruments CE 7100 by Agilent Technologies, LabChip® GXII Touch HT by PerkinElmer, Maurice S. by Protein Simple and PrinCE NextI870 by Prince Technologies have been evaluated, mainly analyzing protein mixtures of different molecular weights in long series. Published data of the PA 800 plus by SCIEX are also included in the tabled results. Precision, reliability, flexibility, and speed have been identified as the most important performance parameters, others such as resolution, sensitivity, linearity, ease of use and sustainability have also been considered. All tested instruments have shown an excellent performance. Depending on application and necessities, each user can find the most appropriate one.

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