Recent trends in capillary electrophoresis for complex samples analysis: A review

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  • Published: Nov 29, 2017
  • Author: María Ramos‐Payán, Juan A. Ocaña‐Gonzalez, Rut M. Fernández‐Torres, Andreu Llobera, Miguel Ángel Bello‐López


CE has been a continuously evolving analytical methodology since its first introduction in the 1980s of the last century. The development of new CE separation procedures, the coupling of these systems to more sensitive and versatile detection systems, and the advances in miniaturization technology have allowed the application of CE to the resolution of new and complex analytical problems, overcoming the traditional disadvantages associated with this method. In the present work, different recent trends in CE and their application to the determination of high complexity samples (as biological fluids, individual cells, etc.) will be reviewed: capillary modification by different types of coatings, microfluidic CE, and online microextraction CE. The main advantages and disadvantages of the different proposed approaches will be discussed with examples of most recent applications.

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