Interaction of albumins and heparinoids investigated by affinity capillary electrophoresis and free flow electrophoresis

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  • Published: Dec 11, 2017
  • Author: Mona Mozafari, Sami El Deeb, Friederike Krull, Robert Wildgruber, Gerhard Weber, Christian G. Reiter, Hermann Wätzig


A fast and precise affinity capillary electrophoresis (ACE) method has been applied to investigate the interactions between two serum albumins (HSA and BSA) and heparinoids. Furthermore, different free flow electrophoresis methods were developed to separate the species which appears owing to interaction of albumins with pentosan polysulfate sodium (PPS) under different experimental conditions. For ACE experiments, the normalized mobility ratios (∆R/Rf), which provided information about the binding strength and the overall charge of the protein‐ligand complex, were used to evaluate the binding affinities. ACE experiments were performed at two different temperatures (23 and 37°C). Both BSA and HSA interact more strongly with PPS than with unfractionated and low molecular weight heparins. For PPS, the interactions can already be observed at low mg/L concentrations (3 mg/L), and saturation is already obtained at approximately 20 mg/L. Unfractionated heparin showed almost no interactions with BSA at 23°C, but weak interactions at 37°C at higher heparin concentrations. The additional signals also appeared at higher concentrations at 37°C. Nevertheless, in most cases the binding data were similar at both temperatures. Furthermore, HSA showed a characteristic splitting in two peaks especially after interacting with PPS, which is probably attributable to the formation of two species or conformational change of HSA after interacting with PPS. The free flow electrophoresis methods have confirmed and completed the ACE experiments.

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