Uniform‐sized neurosphere‐mediated motoneuron differentiation in microwell arrays

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  • Published: Sep 6, 2017
  • Author: Jong Min Lee, Joo Yoon Moon, Mohammed R. Shaker, Woong Sun, Bong Geun Chung

We developed the photocrosslinkable hydrogel microwell arrays for uniform‐sized neurosphere‐mediated motoneuron differentiation. Neural stem cells (NSCs) were obtained from embryonic cerebral cortex and spinal cord. To generate uniform‐sized neurospheres in a homogeneous manner, the dissociated cells were cultured in the hydrogel microwell arrays for 3 days. Uniform‐sized neurospheres harvested from microwell arrays were replated into laminin‐coated substrate. In parallel, uniform‐sized neurospheres cultured in microwell arrays were encapsulated by photocrosslinkable gelatin methacrylate hydrogels in a three‐dimensional manner. We demonstrated the effect of hydrogel microwell sizes (e.g., 50, 100, 150 μm in diameter) on motoneuron differentiation, showing that the largest uniform‐sized neurospheres derived from embryonic spinal cord efficiently differentiated into motoneurons. Therefore, this hydrogel microwell array could be a powerful array to regulate the uniform‐sized neurosphere‐mediated motoneuron differentiation.

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