Probing nitrite ion dynamics in Na NO 2 crystals by solid‐state 17 O NMR

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  • Published: Nov 17, 2017
  • Author: Yizhe Dai, Ivan Hung, Zhehong Gan, Gang Wu
  • Journal: Concepts in Magnetic Resonance Part A


We report a solid‐state 17O (I = 5/2) NMR study of the nitrite ion dynamics in crystalline NaNO2. Variable temperature (VT) 17O NMR spectra were recorded at 3 magnetic fields, 11.7, 14.1, and 21.1 T. The VT 17O NMR data suggest that the NO 2 ion in the ferroelectric phase of NaNO2 undergoes 2‐fold flip motion about the crystallographic b axis and the corresponding rotational barrier is 68 ± 5 kJ mol−1. We also obtained a 2D 17O EXSY spectrum for a stationary sample of NaNO2 at 250 K, which, in combination with 1D 17O NMR spectral analyses, allowed precise determination of the relative orientation between the 17O quadrupolar coupling and chemical shift tensors in the molecular frame of reference. The experimentally determined 17O NMR tensors for NaNO2 were in agreement with quantum chemical calculations produced by a periodic DFT code BAND.

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