Current challenges in second‐order calibration of hyphenated chromatographic data for analysis of highly complex samples

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  • Published: Nov 29, 2017
  • Author: Maryam Vosough
  • Journal: Journal of Chemometrics


Coupling of multiway and multiset modeling methods with hyphenated chromatographic data for second‐order calibration purposes allows the quantification of multiple target analytes in highly complex samples, which otherwise would be impossible or at least a very hard task using univariate calibration scenario. In this regard, there are some chromatographic challenges that complicate attaining the best quantification efficiency through the highlighted advantages such as increased sensitivity and selectivity and the well‐known second‐order advantage. The present paper tries to overview these issues and to address the most usable strategies for their handling with a special focus on the relevant recent studies in quantitation field.

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