Development and validation of an LC‐MS/MS method for the determination of a novel thienoquinolin urea transporter inhibitor PU‐48 in rat plasma and its application to a pharmacokinetic study

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  • Published: Dec 22, 2017
  • Author: Zhi‐Yuan Zhang, Xin Wang, Dan Liu, Hua Zhang, Qiang Zhang, Ying‐Yuan Lu, Pu Li, Ya‐Qing Lou, Bao‐Xue Yang, Chuang Lu, Ya‐Xin Lou, Guo‐Liang Zhang
  • Journal: Biomedical Chromatography


A specific, sensitive and stable high‐performance liquid chromatographic–tandem mass spectrometry (LC‐MS/MS) method was developed and validated for the quantitative determination of methyl 3‐amino‐6‐methoxythieno [2,3‐b]quinoline‐2‐carboxylate (PU‐48), a novel diuretic thienoquinolin urea transporter inhibitor in rat plasma. In this method, the chromatographic separation of PU‐48 was achieved with a reversed‐phase C18 column (100 × 2.1 mm, 3 μm) at 35°C. The mobile phase consisted of acetonitrile and water with 0.05% formic acid added with a gradient elution at flow rate of 0.3 mL/min. Samples were detected with the triple‐quadrupole tandem mass spectrometer with multiple reaction monitoring mode via electrospray ionization source in positive mode. The retention time were 6.2 min for PU‐48 and 7.2 min for megestrol acetate (internal standard, IS). The monitored ion transitions were mass‐to‐charge ratio (m/z) 289.1 → 229.2 for PU‐48 and m/z 385.3 → 267.1 for the internal standard. The calibration curve for PU‐48 was linear over the concentration range of 0.1–1000 ng/mL (r2 > 0.99), and the lower limit of quantitation was 0.1 ng/mL. The precision, accuracy and stability of the method were validated adequately. The developed and validated method was successfully applied to the pharmacokinetic study of PU‐48 in rats.

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