Screening of analgesic and anti‐inflammatory active component in Fructus Alpiniae zerumbet based on spectrum–effect relationship and GC–MS

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  • Published: Nov 22, 2017
  • Author: Rui‐Yao Xiao, Ling‐Jing Wu, Xiao‐Xiao Hong, Ling Tao, Peng Luo, Xiang‐Chun Shen
  • Journal: Biomedical Chromatography


Fructus Alpiniae zerumbet is widely used in Guizhou province as a miao folk herb with anti‐inflammatory, analgesic, protection against cardiovascular diseases, antihypertension and antioxidant activities. To further investigate the chemical material basis, the spectrum–effect relationship was established using gray relational analysis between the chromatographic fingerprint and its bioactivities. Herein, the fingerprints of essential oils from Fructus Alpiniae zerumbet (EOFAZ) from various sources were determined by gas chromatography mass spectrometry, and the analgesic and anti‐inflammatory bioactivities were investigated using the mouse model of acetic acid‐induced writhing test and dimethylbenzene‐induced mouse ear edema test. Finally, 17 common peaks were identified from nine batches of A. zerumbet, by comparison with the standard mass spectra in Nist2005, Wiley275 library. Meanwhile, the results showed significant analgesic and anti‐inflammatory effects in all of the different sources of EOFAZ. In particularly, peak 1 (α‐pipene), peak 3 (β‐pinene), peak 9 (camphor) and peak 16 (α‐cadinol) might be the main bioactive ingredients for analgesic and anti‐inflammatory activities. The model of the spectrum–effect relationships of EOFAZ was successfully discovered, which provided a novel platform for finding the bioactive components, a theoretical foundation for its further study and helping to establish quality control of Fructus A. zerumbet.

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