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  • Published: May 19, 2015
  • Author: Jon Evans
  • Suppliers: Agilent Technologies
  • Channels: Sample Preparation / Electrophoresis / Ion Chromatography / Laboratory Informatics / Proteomics & Genomics / HPLC / Gas Chromatography / Detectors / Proteomics / Raman / X-ray Spectrometry / Atomic / UV/Vis Spectroscopy / Infrared Spectroscopy / MRI Spectroscopy / Base Peak / NMR Knowledge Base / Chemometrics & Informatics

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Agilent Technologies has presented its latest Thought Leader Award to Jules Griffin in the Department of Biochemistry at Cambridge University, UK. Agilent's Thought Leader program promotes fundamental scientific advances by contributing financial support, products and expertise to the research of influential thought leaders in the life sciences and chemical analysis.

The award will include an Agilent 6560 Ion Mobility Q-TOF LC/MS system, which Griffin and his team will use to advance their lipid profiling of human tissues. ‘The Agilent Thought Leader Award will catalyze our research into why certain lipid species are particularly toxic within the cell and how this gives rise to diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and fatty liver disease,’ explained Griffin. ‘Only now do we have the tools needed to examine lipids on an individual basis, and we hope that with ion mobility this will provide a new dimension of separation so we can really interrogate our model systems and patient samples.’

‘We are pleased to contribute novel analytical capabilities to help Dr. Griffin and his lab extend their research in obesity and fatty liver disease,’ said John Fjeldsted from Agilent, who leads the group responsible for the ion mobility technology in the Agilent 6560 and is also the executive sponsor of this award. ‘We believe Dr. Griffin’s research will bring vital understanding to health challenges that have become all too prevalent in many populations.’

(Photo of Jules Griffin courtesy of Cambridge University.)


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