New GPC/SEC Supplies and Service Catalog for 2013

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thumbnail image: <font size=3>PSS</font>:<br />New GPC/SEC Supplies and Service Catalog for 2013

PSS has released a new, expanded, catalog for 2013 of GPC/SEC products describing a wide range of columns, molecular weight reference materials and specialty polymers.


There is an extensive range of GPC/SEC columns with surface chemistries designed to operate over the widest range of pH, temperatures and solvent polarities from non-polar organic to polar aqueous mobile phases with virtually no packing/sample interaction.  


There is an unparalleled selection of polymer molecular weight standards covering a wide range of chemistries and molecular weights including traditional polymer standards (e.g. polystyrene, polymethylmethacrylate, polyethylene glycol and dextran) as well as additional reference standards such as polylactide, polyacrylic acid, polyvinyl pyridine and polyolefins etc. There is also information on a very wide range of carefully selected calibration kits with precisely characterized individual standards as well as pre-weighed ReadyCal calibration kits for rapid calibration of GPC/SEC systems and EasyValid kits for validation of GPC/SEC instrumentation. 

The catalog also has a wealth of information on the practice of GPC/SEC with an extensive FAQ section and a comprehensive applications guide.

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