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  • Published: Aug 22, 2013
  • Categories: HPLC
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Whether it's a nano-scale UHPLC system with exceptional reproducibility and reliability or microflow UHPLC that significantly increases sample throughput while reducing sample consumption and mobile phase costs, Eksigent is creating an entirely new class of instruments based on its proprietary microfluidics technology. Together with the class-leading UHPLC performance of the higher flow system, the latest generation of Eksigent systems provides an ekspert choice for any LC/MS application.


ekspert™ nanoLC 400 system

nanoLC 400 The ekspert™ nanoLC 400 system offers the widest flow rate range of any Eksigent nanoLC system to date. Designed for multi-user, multi-instrument proteomics laboratories, this system enables users to run the highest sensitivity nanoflow for discovery proteomics and robust microflow for higher throughput peptide quantitation – all on a single system.

Combine the ekspert nanoLC 400 system with the cHiPLC® system for the ultimate in sensitivity, reproducibility, and exceptional ease of operation.

FREE Webinars:

Using High Performance NanoLC and MicroLC for Proteomics Applications

Nicholas Morrice, Ph.D.
The Beatson Institute for Cancer Research

Exploring the Proteome and Glycome using Chip-Based NanoLC

David C. Muddiman, Ph.D.
North Carolina State University

Recent Technical Notes:

Exploring the Sensitivity Differences for Peptide Quantification in the Low Flow Rate Regime

Achieving the Highest in Reproducibility for Quantitative Proteomics with Nanoflow LC/MS

ekspert™ microLC 200 system

microLC 200 As the industry pioneer in micro flow UHPLC, Eksigent understands that sensitivity, throughput, and cost of ownership are of the utmost importance for high-throughput LC/MS/MS laboratories. The ekspert microLC 200 system is engineered from the ground up with these priorities in mind.

Reduce the environmental impact of your chromatography lab.

See how microLC is helping labs GO GREEN.

FREE Webinars:

Accelerating Drug Discovery Using Micro-Flow LC/MS

Robert Turner, Ph.D.
CoMentis Analytical Biochemistry

New Hybrid Electrodes & Column Mounting Hardware for MicroLC/MS Applications

Tina Settineri, Ph.D.

Recent Technical Notes:

Accelerating Drug Discovery with Microflow LC/MS

Fast Separations and Smaller Sample Volumes in LC/MS/MS

LC-MS/MS Analysis of Water using the Eksigent ekspert™ microLC 200

The Use of Micro Flow UHPLC in Pesticide Screening of Food Samples by LC/MS/MS

Comparing Chromatographic Performance of Analytical vs. Microflow UHPLC for LC/MS

ekspert™ ultraLC 100 system

ultraLC 100 High pressure mixing and gradient delivery translates into ease-of-use for UHPLC/MS in commercial testing labs. The ekspert ultraLC systems provide optimal performance (and pressure) across their entire flow rate range while accommodating a broad range of column dimensions.

Recent Technical Notes:

Comprehensive Quantitation and Identification of Pesticides in Food Samples

Rapid Quantitation and Identification of Carbendazim in Orange Juice

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